Félix Soto ´s trademark, artisan conserves, was born in Piedrabuena (Ciudad Real) in 1927, producing partridge in vinegar marinade, a well-known and appreciated dish in this area, becoming famous because of this excellent partridge.

Our company has expanded their range of products and market area, but keeping the same artisan production and a very high product quality.

Through the years, we have specialized in different product lines: Partridges & Quails in vinegar marinate, Artisan Pâté (of partridge, quail, venison and wild boar), Partridge & Quails salad and several ready-cooked plates like Spanish Ratatouille, Ox Tail, Pork loin preserved in olive oil, Pork cheek in sauce, Pork Knuckle, some of them hunting conserves like Venison preserved in olive oil or Hunter´s Wild Boar, Partridge “Toledana”.



We have to put the consumer into knowledge about the high quality of our products, producing without preservatives and without colorants. In addition, the expiry date is so long, from up to five years.



We work with and manufacture products for same of the leading private label brands in this country: “El Corte Inglés”, “Hipercor”, “Carrefour”, “Alcampo” and “Makro”.


In 2016, we have had the honor to be appointed as “Piedrabuenero Ilustre 2016” by the Brotherhood of St. Bartolomé of Piedrabuena.

More information about the title of “Piedrabuenero Ilustre 2016”

Thank You Letter for the title and to appreciate the efforts of company workers, because they have done this possible